The Art of Coffee | The Dancer (Cambodia)


16 oz. of great coffee. Another of our signature blends roasted right here in Lowell, MA and imported from Cambodia. This is a full city robusta bean.


Cambodia prior to the Khmer Rouge had a coffee industry. Nothing compared to her neighbor, Vietnam. But it was growing. During the Khmer Rouge many coffee plants were destroyed and few coffee farmers remained. Today, the industry is slowly making a revival in areas like Mondulkiri. We are happy to share that we are directly importing from small Cambodian farmers working through a Cambodian non-governmental organization. This organization works with farmers with improving their various crops, including coffee, and trying to market them inside and outside of Cambodia.

The Dancer is named to highlight a cultural dance organization keeping traditional Cambodian dance alive (The Angkor Dance Troupe). This coffee is a full city roast. Unfortunately since the country’s coffee industry is growing it is not yet organic. But we do purchase from several small farmers.